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Read the book! This fascinating book by award-winning author Richard Platt tells the story of British smuggling Click here to buy

Coloured lithograph of smugglers attacked by revenue men
To protect their valuable cargoes smugglers fought deadly battles with customs men and coastguards (left.) Click picture to enlarge

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Explore the amazing story of smuggling in 18th and 19th century Britain, when high taxes led to a massive increase in illegal imports. As the "free trade" grew, smugglers defiantly landed contraband in full view of the customs men: armed thugs protected the cargoes.
History of Smuggling explains how a popular small-scale trade grew into a vast and violent industry. Guide-Book details 850 smugglers’ haunts with directions to their coves, caves, tunnels and pubs around Britain's coast. Trace Smuggling Roots will help you find out whether your ancestors were smugglers.

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